Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whenever double-click on any drive/folder in My Computer, a Search window opens

Whenever double-click on any drive/folder in My Computer, a Search window opens

Thistype of problem normally occurs because some virus called ‘PET32.exe’ , or itcan also occur due some other virus which disrupt the windows registry.


1.Open Start >> Run or press Window Key + r , this will open the runprompt.
2.Type “regedit” ( without quotes ) and press Enter.

3.Navigate to key

4.Double the registry key named Default and set the value to none.

Thiswill restore the normal windows explorer behavior of opening a folder whendouble click a folder rather than opening windows search.

Ifsearch opens when you double click on any windows drive, then try this

1.Open Start >> Run or press Window key + r
2.Type “regsvr32 /i shell32.dll” ( without quotes ) and press Enter
Afterthe command run successfully, you will see a message saying DllRegisterServerand DllInstall in Shell32.dll succeeded.


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