Wednesday, January 25, 2012

STOP 0X0000006B (Parameter1,Parameter2, Parameter3,Parameter4 ):PROCESS1_INITIALIZATIO_ FAILED ERROR


Windows 7 Professional (32B)

While booting in Windows 7 the following error showing in blue screen.
STOP 0X0000006B (Parameter1, Parameter2, Parameter3, Parameter4):"PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED-WINDOWS 7. This problem prevents the system from starting and all options in the boot menu, safe mode, VGA mode, etc. lead to the same BSOD.


This issue occurs because the Bootcat.cache file is corrupted or because the size of the Bootcat.cache file is changed since the last successful start.
On computers running any of the Windows NT family (i.e. Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003), the BSOD is caused by a missing DLL file (usually NTDLL.DLL).
            To fix this, use Windows CD to boot to the recovery console .Then type
"dir ntdll.dll"
 The dir command allows you to see the available files in that  directory. The ntdll.dll file is a file created by Microsoft that has a description of "NT Layer DLL" and is the file that contains NT kernel functions. This file is located in the c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 directory and can also be found in the c:\i386 directory.
            If it shows, the file may be corrupted. If you get a "file not found" message, then type
 "dir ntdll.dll/s"
The file may show up usually in c:\windows\system32\dllcache.If that's the case, then type
 "copy dllcache\ntdll.dll "
 and you will then get
"1 file(s) copied"
If the file is missing completely, then with the Windows CD in your CD drive, type
 "copy [d:]\i386\ntdll.dll " , where [d:] is the letter assigned to your CD drive
 Now, reboot the machine.

            On computers running any of the Windows Vista family (i.e. all editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7; all editions of Windows Server 2008). The BSOD is caused by a disposable file by the name of "bootcat.cache" located usually in "c:\windows\system32\codeintegrity" which has been corrupted.

If it is an intermittent problem, this can be solve by manually deleting from C:\Windows\system32\CodeIntegrity
As per Microsoft, there is no hotfix available for this problem. They recommends to update Service Pack 1. We can use the following link to download the Service Pack.
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (
Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
 If Windows is stuck in a repair and restart loop, insert Windows CD and select command prompt option. Then type,
“del c:\Windows\system32\CodeIntegrity\bootcat.cache”
Then reboot the pc.

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