Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free, Fast and easy tool for removing duplicate items from Outlook folders

With ODIR it's a snap to clean your Outlook folders by removing all duplicates. ODIR removes duplicates from Contacts; Calendar; Tasks; Notes and Email folders.
Using ODIR is very easy: select a folder and click the button Remove Duplicate Items. ODIR scans the selected folder for duplicates and MOVES all duplicates found to a subfolder ODIR_duplicate items. ODIR recognizes an item as a duplicate if all of the following properties match those of another item in the same folder:
  • Contact items:
    first name, last name, company name and email address
  • Appointment items:
    subject, location, start date and end date
  • Task items:
    subject, start date, due date and status
  • Note items:
    contents of the note (Body property) and color
  • E-mail or Post items:
    - received emails: the internet message ID (this is a unique identifier for each email received)
    - sent emails: email subject and the time the email is sent (PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME)
    - unsent emails: email subject only
ODIR 1.4 is FREE and doesn't contain Spyware or Adds! 
ODIR runs in all Outlook versions starting from Outlook 2000. ODIR does NOT run in 64 bit Office versions (no problem in Office 32 bit on Windows 64 bit).
Here's how to access ODIR in Outlook 2010:
Note for OsaSync users: removing duplicates is integrated in OsaSync so you don't need ODIR.

Technical support

In ODIR 1.4.3 this error is solved: error 13 type mismatch in findAppOnLogicalID. Due to this error no duplicates could be found in the Calendar folder.
Technical support is not available for ODIR because we offer ODIR free of charge. However ODIR problems are closely related to OsaSync issues so please check out the OsaSync technically support page. If ODIR doesn't start please follow the steps outlined in this support solution

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